Yard Works Tacoma Landscaping


Custom fence construction Tacoma Puyallup Gig HarborFences

We specialize in building wood fences. Our construction methods are the industry standards. The quality of wood is equal to product supplied by name brand building supply stores. A standard 6’ fence is built with 4x4 pressure treated posts every 8’, two 2x4 hem/fir 2 or better rails, 1x6 cedar fence boards, metal fence clips to hold rails, and 6x6 cedar post caps. Posts are set in concrete at a depth no less than 18”. Today’s price for a standard fence is $14.50 per lineal foot. This price could adjust lower depending on the length of the fence or quantity of work in same area. There are methods of fence construction that will create a stronger fence. There are higher end materials available. The use of the better methods or materials will adjust the price per foot higher. There many styles of wood fence and we can customize the fence to your needs.

Retaining walls Tacoma Puyallup Gig HarborRetaining walls

Yard Works will build rock, gravitational block and wood retaining walls. We will only build walls that can be guaranteed. All walls over 4’ high require engineering. There will be settling behind the wall so hard surface construction is not recommended behind a wall. Yard Works has been building walls for 18 years and we will not build a wall that compromises safety or construction standards. Our preferred retaining wall for safety and maintenance is block wall construction.

Tractor work Tacoma Puyallup Gig HarborTractor Work

Yard Works rents skid steer loaders, with operator, for $ 50.00 per hour with 3 hour minimum. Our operators are fast and skillful. This service is perfect for the do it yourselfer. We can clean, level and spread top soil in large yards to prepare for hydro seed or grass sod. Unless you are an experienced operator you will find it is cheaper than renting a bob cat and driving the machine yourself, just less fun.
We rent mini excavators, with operator, for $ 75.00 per hour with 3 hour minimum. We also do field mowing and rototilling.

Sprinkler Systems Tacoma Puyallup Gig Harbor landscapers tacoma landscaping serviceSprinkler Systems

Our automatic sprinkler systems are installed using Rain Bird materials. Each zone will be sized for compatibility with water volume available. We will use two types of heads to spray water, either fully adjustable rotor heads or nozzle adjusted pop up heads. All sprinkler systems are bid on site at no charge.  Sprinkler systems can simple or with many available options.  With your input at the time of the bids, we can provide suggestions or recommendations based on our experience and your price range.